LoveJet ラブジェット

30,850 yen (including tax)
  • LOVE JET200
    200 sprays (吹き)
15,420 yen (including tax)
  • LOVE JET69
    69 sprays (吹き)

Woman magnetizes man, man magnetizes woman

World's birthrate has been decreasing and the number of elders has been increasing.

Dr. NakaMats Love Jet is invented by Dr. NakaMats to redeem not only Japan but also the world from decrease in population and problems with love – man is not good enough to satisfy woman.

Love Jet is a liquid gel to spray to organs for both men and women and not to drink.  There is no chemical effect to human body at all and has no side effect like Viagra.
Love Jet 69 has the amount of 69 sprays, and Love Jet 200 is a larger bottle and  has the amount of 200 sprays and more economical.   

-No need of foreplay to get excitement
-help to build better relationship between married couples and lovers

(DHEA) helps to Amount of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) in human body increases up to age 25 and starts decreasing to 10% by age 75. 
Increasing DHEA helps to increase memorization, learning ability, rejuvenation of skinks and muscles, prevention of rheumatism and osteoporosis,
anticancer activity, antiatherosclerotic effect, and rejuvenation.

"Love Jet is the best invention since apple pie"- a comment from an user in America

The shipping fee is 1,000 yen world wide. 

You can use Paypal and credit card for payment.

Please send us your e-mail to shop@dr.nakamats.com and write:

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女が男を引き寄せる 男が女を引き寄せる


ドクター中松が2009年1月にメディア発表した新商品「LOVE JET 69(ラブジェット・シックスナイン)」が遂に販売決定!!

LOVE JET 69は旧製品LOVE JET 60より115%内容量を多くし、さらに価格は従来通り!
LOVE JET 69はスプレー式で、69吹き使用可能です(一吹きあたり223円とお買い得です)。

また、スプレーの噴射口を従来のLOVE JET60より改良させ、更に飛距離を伸ばすことに成功。より強力なJETの噴射が可能となりました。


ラブジェットを200吹き使用出来るお徳サイズです(一吹きあたり154円とお買い得です)。中身の内容はLOVE JET 69と一緒です。